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Dr. Clinton Lee - Wine & Etiquette Expert

With over 2.3M followers on Social Media, Dr. Clinton Lee changes what we know about etiquette in real life situations. 

Dr. Clinton Lee's biography

Often described as a “Renaissance Man”, Dr. Lee is truly a humble disciple of knowledge. There is nothing that he enjoys more than learning from the tried and tested classical methods found in the hallowed hallways of institutions. What is remarkable though, is also his thirst for practical everyday knowledge, which others describe as “street smarts” or the essentials to a pragmatic life. His reservoir of knowledge is also drawn from conversations and interactions with people from all walks of life, their stories their experiences from people like you and I. He blends these two rivers of knowledge together seamlessly and the result is extraordinary. 


His deep respect for different cultures is evident when you meet and interact with him. His experience of life is immense after having traveled to over 100 countries. He brings all of this into his life in all aspects. He is a Licensed Associate with the prestigious Trompenaars Hampden - Turner, an international Cross-Cultural Management Consulting institute that is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His reach in cross cultural consulting both in corporate and individual consulting, is expansive.


Dr. Lee travels extensively consulting, giving talks and seminars but appreciates the simple joys of life like a stunning sunset, music for the soul and conversation for the heart. If you see or bump into him, do say hello, he will be happy to meet you. In his spare time he enjoys tempting the “Gods of fate” when he plays backgammon with his good friend over a cup of coffee, writing his second book and soaking in all that life has to offer. The kitchen constantly beckons Dr. Lee and many years ago he completed an abridged Cordon Bleu cooking course that is immeasurably valuable with his knowledge of wine. 


Classically, Dr. Clinton Lee has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, an MBA in Finance and a Doctorate in Business Administration. He has attained the Wine Spirit and Education Diploma and Certified International Educator from London, UK. Dr. Lee has also attained the Certified Specialist of Wine, Certified Specialist of Spirits designation and the French Wine Scholar (USA). He is a Certified Sherry Educator awarded by the Consejo De Regulador (Spain) and is a wine judge with the Hong Kong International Wine Judge Association.


He has been a lecturer at the University of Simon Fraser teaching and developing the wine program there for the last five years. Dr. Lee has been hosted by the Wine Institute of Germany, Italian Vinitaly and the Spanish and Chinese governments. He has presented at the OIV 9th World Symposium on Viticulture and Oenology in China. Dr Lee is a Sake professional under the auspices of the Japanese Sake Education Council and has trained as a Whisky Ambassador in Scotland. Dr. Lee has taught WSET courses, close to a decade. He is an international wine lecturer, writer and critic, international Wine Judge and given wine lectures globally and wine courses in Canada, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Argentina, France, Hungary Portugal, Italy and the US. 

Dr. Lee has been featured internationally in the media and is recognized as a social media influencer with over two million plus followers on several platforms and has had over one billion views on his video content. Do feel free to make a request for any etiquette or cultural videos you would like him to consider, no promises, but do send in your requests.

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