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Dr. Clinton Lee - Wine & Etiquette Expert

Unlock the World with Dr. Lee: Your Personal Etiquette Coach

"I have been guilty and confess that

across all the continents and in over 100 countries I have committed faux pas after faux pas after faux pas, both in social and business contacts. Whether I blundered into an awkward introduction or said something tactless or acted with outright ignorance it happened. It was unexpected but not surprising given my limited knowledge on the subject at that time, many years ago. Many times I  wished there was a hole I could disappear into to save my tattered and frayed self-esteem because of my ignorant actions. So, yes, I have over the decades accumulated important skills, invaluable knowledge and the practical knowhow about manoeuvering socially which I share with you.” 

- Dr. Clinton Lee


In a global community, navigating the rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and customs is both a challenge and an opportunity. Dr. Lee brings his vast experience from traveling the world, running successful businesses, and his deep understanding of diverse cultural dynamics directly to you through personalized etiquette coaching. This etiquette coaching program is your key to unlocking greater confidence, cultural awareness, and critical thinking skills in both your personal and professional life.

Why Choose Dr. Lee as Your 1:1 Etiquette Coach?

  • Dr. Lee's extensive travel and business endeavors across continents have endowed him with a profound understanding of diverse cultural norms and etiquettes, making him a globally aware coach.

  • With a rich history of steering numerous successful ventures, Dr. Lee brings a wealth of experience to business meetings, offering invaluable insights into business etiquette that can transform professional interactions.

  • Dr. Lee employs a unique, engaging teaching style that combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Prior to the session, students will have to fill out a questionnaire to give more insight into your background and also to tailor the training to your specific needs. 

Together, we'll develop a bespoke roadmap focusing on your unique challenges and goals, enhancing your intercultural competence and opening doors to new opportunities.

Who Will Benefit?

Whether you're a corporate leader, a solo entrepreneur, or an individual seeking personal growth, this program offers invaluable guidance. It's designed for anyone facing the intricacies of cultural differences, from basic greetings to complex negotiations, aiming to thrive in diverse environments.


How It Works:

  • Make a booking on our system.

  • Before your session begins, you'll need to complete a questionnaire to provide insight into your background and outline your specific needs, ensuring the coaching is tailored to your unique situation.

  • Flexible Scheduling: Choose between convenient online sessions or in-person meetings (where possible) for one-hour coaching sessions tailored to your schedule.

  • Actionable Outcomes: From the first meeting, receive practical advice, gain an expert perspective on leveraging cultural awareness, and begin crafting a path to success.

  • You may also want to consider the monthly coaching which is available for only a limited number of clients. The minimum period is a two month commitment. Further details can be discussed upon request.

Examples of Etiquette topics that could be covered depending on your preference include:

  • Workplace Etiquette

  • Table Manners;

  • Table Setting;

  • Restaurant Etiquette;

  • Business Dining Etiquette;

  • Wine Selection & Etiquette;

  • Tipping Etiquette;

  • International Dining Etiquette;

  • Dinner Party Etiquette;

  • Toasts & Toasting;

  • Or any specific etiquette topic you have.


Where will the etiquette training be hosted? 

Private consultations can be arranged as in-person meetings (within the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia, Canada) or via zoom. Group workshops are also available and generally offered in-person (travel expenses may be required). As Dr. Lee travels extensively. Should he be in your part of the world, prior arrangements can be made to meet for an in person consultation.


Embark on Your Journey:

Don't let cultural differences be a barrier. With Dr. Lee's guidance, turn them into your greatest strength. Book your free online session now and step into a world of confidence, awareness, and success.

Booking - Consulting

Meet Dr. Lee and unlock the world.

Virtual 1-hour online private etiquette consultation

Elevate Your Personal and Professional Life Today!

  • One-hour session with Dr. Lee over zoom or similar platform

  • Available Monday – Friday (Pending availability)

  • $200 USD (per individual cost)

  • Available for individuals only

  • Appointments can be made during specific hours, please see calendar.

Dining Etiquette Sessions

Embark on a unique culinary journey with Dr. Lee, where fine dining meets the art of etiquette.

Our exclusive lunch & dinner dining etiquette consultations offer you the chance to wine and dine with an expert, while Dr. Lee guides you through the nuances of proper table manners and dining etiquette through various scenarios. 
This immersive experience not only promises to elevate your mealtime practices but also ensures that you master the elegance of fine dining in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. Whether you're looking to polish your skills for a business lunch or simply want to refine your dining etiquette, this consultation with Dr. Lee is your gateway to becoming a more sophisticated and confident diner.

Lunch Dining Etiquette Consultation: TWO HOURS

  • 12:00pm – 2pm (Lower Mainland, British Columbia, Canada)

  • Monday – Sunday (Pending availability)

  • $650 (individual course cost)

  • One-to-one instruction session

  • You may add a second person for an additional $250

  • Lunch is included.

Dining Etiquette Consultation: TWO HOURS

  • 6 pm – 8pm (Lower Mainland, British Columbia, Canada)

  • Monday – Sunday (Pending availability)

  • $750 (individual course cost)

  • One-to-one instruction session

  • You may add a second person for an additional $250

  • Dinner is included.

For Corporate Clients -Cross Cultural Management Consulting

Tailored for the hospitality industry which includes  hotels, restaurants, resorts, private clubs wineries and distilleries are one of our main specializations.

Organizations are assisted where we develop and build sustainable winning cultures using the programs and skillset of the consultants engaged. The methodology is to work with your organization using a highly customized approach that is inclusive of executive and team training. The staffing levels will depend on the type of consultancy required and we have the global network to create an experienced resourceful team.

Depending on the situation areas of expertise includes but not limited to:

  • Identifying issues with the 7 Dimensions of Culture model

  • Dive deep into organizational Culture, explore, diagnose and prescribe practical changes.

  • DIlemma Reconciliation Methodology and Practice

These analytical programs and application are ideal for these situations

  1. Culture change

  2. Leadership

  3. Diversity

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