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“Hone your skills to being a better person day by day, minute by minute, and second by second, and then start the cycle over again and again and again.”

Dr. Clinton Lee

Dr. Clinton Lee - Wine & Etiquette Expert & Speaker

With a rich background spanning global travel, entrepreneurship, and profound cultural insights, Dr. Lee captivates audiences with his engaging storytelling and valuable lessons.

Whether you're organizing a corporate conference, educational seminar, or a high-profile industry gathering, Dr. Lee brings a wealth of knowledge, inspiring attendees to explore new perspectives and embrace change. Elevate your event by inviting Dr. Lee to share his visionary thoughts and actionable strategies, making it an occasion that participants will remember and talk about long after it concludes.

Dr. Lee's Background

Dr. Clinton Lee is an internationally recognized intercultural etiquette expert, as well as an international wine and spirit educator and judge. He is the founder of the Asia Pacific Wine and Spirit Institute and uses his expertise in the management of his vineyard in British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Lee has an MBA (Finance) and a Doctorate in Cultural Diversity and Organizational Behaviour. 

His work and travels have taken him to five continents and over one hundred countries. He has lectured at the Simon Fraser university in Canada. Dr. Lee has over 20 years of providing consultancy and training in Canada, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Argentina, France, Hungary, Portugal, Italy, and the United States. 

Dr. Lee has been featured internationally in the media and is recognized as a social media influencer with over two million followers on several platforms and has had over one billion views on his video content. He consults across Europe, Asia, and North America.

A Remarkable Talent For Engaging Audiences 

With an unmatched wit and an entertainer's flawless timing, Dr. Clinton Lee possesses a remarkable talent for engaging audiences. His unique method of imparting wisdom and motivation involves weaving invaluable lessons into captivating stories drawn from everyday experiences, business, and diverse cultural encounters. 


Dr. Clinton Lee's capacity to deliver empowering messages, while incorporating insights into various cultures, manners, etiquette, and customs, with warmth and humor.


Dr. Lee is an accomplished Toastmaster and holds a Doctorate in Business Administration specifically on “Cultural Diversity and Organizational Behaviour.” He has travelled to over 100 countries and lectured on over 4 continents. He is a published author and his book, “Master the Art of Manners” both captivates and stimulates the reader to want to know more about etiquette, manners, and other cultures. 


“Today’s world demands that we all must learn, appreciate, and understand all cultures, not just national cultures, but cultures of faith, the culture of oneself, and generational cultures.”

Available Topics


  • Master the Art of Manners from a corporate perspective.

  • The mystical world of wine selection, tasting and pairing and its consequences in a business world.

  • The romantic world of sherry, port and whisky and its impact 


  • From greetings to conclusion.

  • Harness the dynamic qualities of cultural enthusiasm, a positive attitude and unshakable tenacity. 

  • Read the cultural signs for success.

  • What are Dr. Lee's previous speaking engagement?
    “Master the Art of Manners” - Singapore, 2024 “How to Wine and Dine in a corporate environment” ADHQ - Vancouver Canada, 2023 Caviar and Etiquette - High End Jewelry - Van Cleffe Arpel Vancouver Canada 2022 Caviar and Clients Black and Blue Restaurant, Vancouver, Canada 2022 Caviar - Parc Vancouver Casino Resort - Victor Restaurant Vancouver, Canada 2022 “The culture and style of Old World Wine” - Brock House, Canada, 2019 Wine and Banks - Private Corporate 2019 Wine and the IT Industry - Private Corporation -2018 Wine and Doctors - Financial Corporate Company MD Financial 2018 “Introducing Wine” - Simon Fraser University, Canada 2017/18 Wine Etiquette - Hong Kong International Wine Festival 2017 Hong Kong “The Art of wine blending” - Bordeaux , France 2017 Wine Blending and the Asian Palate - Argentina 2017 “The Importance of Wine Culture” - 9th International Viticulture Organization (OIV) China, 2016 “British Columbian Wines” - International Wine Festival - Hong Kong, 2015 Wine Essentials Langara College 2016 Canada Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2014 - Etiquette for a Beauty Queen - Vancouver, Canada “Why service and culture matters and how to “ - General Managers Association 5 Star Hotel Association Shenzhen - China, 2014 Wine, Etiquette and Business - Financial Corporate Company MD Financial 2011
  • Where is Dr. Lee located?
    His home base is Vancouver, Canada, however he is prepared to travel when necessary. Please note that Dr. Lee’s speaking fee does not include any travel nor accommodation expenses which are additional.
  • When is Dr. Lee available?
    Please reach out to us with your intended dates. Please note it is advisable to book with a lead time of at least 3 months to secure a place and discussion requirements on the audience.
  • Information for bureaus and planners:
    We view event planning as a collaborative effort, and we are here to be your dedicated partners every step of the way. We believe in the power of teamwork, both onstage and off. Dr. Lee's performance on the platform is crucial, but equally important is our commitment to seamless collaboration behind the scenes
  • Logistics
    Together, we will work closely to determine the optimal equipment setup for Dr. Lee and your audience. Typically, Dr. Lee utilizes the following: A wireless lapel microphone for groups larger than 50. A 4 by 6 skirted table at the back of the room for book sales & signing, if applicable. While not mandatory, a raised platform with a lectern set to the right of center is preferred.
  • Video Recordings
    Many clients choose to capture Dr. Lee's presentations for internal or non-commercial purposes. If you plan to record Dr. Lee's session, please notify us in advance so we can ensure a seamless process. We kindly request a master copy of the recording be provided to us after the event, fostering a true sense of partnership between our team and yours
  • Travel and Lodging
    Dr. Lee’s speaking fees do not include travel. Please contact Carmen Lee at to discuss travel arrangements. Please book a non-smoking room if hotel accommodation is required. It is preferred that travel arrangements to and from the airport are arranged by you.
Frequently Asked Questions
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