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Guiding present and future leaders through the power of etiquette

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Executive Mentorship & Consulting

Unlock a higher level of influence and leadership on the global stage with personalized guidance and 1:1 consulting.

30 min complimentary consultation

Corporate Seminars

Elevate your team's global engagement and ability to navigate international culture with bespoke corporate seminars led by Dr. Lee.

30 min complimentary consultation

Keynote Speaking

Captivate and inspire your audience with Dr. Clinton Lee's expertise, drawing from over a billion views and global speaking engagements.

30 min complimentary consultation

JAMIE MORAN, Strategic Consultant

"Working with Dr. Lee has helped me see where I was playing small and not pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I was in the wrong rooms. Through 1:1 mentorship and consulting, I learned the subtle nuances of interpersonal communication, how to build better relationships with investors and high-net-worth leaders, refined my style, mastered wine and whisky tasting, and learned to read the room. Most importantly, Dr. Lee helped me get into the right rooms."

Read the book that revives the lost art of manners

Now available on Amazon

Master The Art Of Manners 

Master The Art Of Manners 

Modern Day Etiquette for Any Situation

Manner’s matter. How you hold yourself, talk to others and engage with your surroundings can make or break an important relationship. When you meet and interact with new people, there are small, largely unspoken factors--like active listening and emotional attractiveness--that influence how much they trust and connect with you. By learning etiquette in both casual and formal settings, you will be able to find deeper, more fulfilling relationships.


Great Leadership Begins With Etiquette.

Step into a more refined and cultured version of yourself, elevate your social standing and build your influence on the global stage.

It begins with a single phone call.

Schedule your 30-minute complimentary consult with Dr. Lee now.

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